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What is dirt? We see them as floating tiny specks reflecting sun light that managed to come back thru a hole in the roof of a hut or any other region. It is a laugh to observe how they waft or even the gravity is sluggish to act upon it. This is at best the smallest speck of seen dust I actually have seen. But I do no longer know the man or woman components that make the dust.

Color, size, taste of the invisible dirt past the reach of technology in many places. Any object is subjected to high heat became to excellent dust. It Is subsequent to impossible to recognise what it was earlier than. Any source of dirt from a chemical, metallurgical, or artificial or photograph printing factories may be the source of acid rain. This is environmental, inhospitable pollutants detriment to all existence bureaucracy.

Accumulation of garbage in landfills generates invisible dirt particles that deliver dangerous bacteria and viruses and spreads speedy with the wind inflicting ailment to all organisms dwelling there.. Likes of Cholera, Ebola, Measles, Diphtheria, Spanish flu, and the Corona virus spreads with the aid of air to decimate global populations.

In combination with moisture, wind and warmth this dust upward thrust to the sky to form rain bearing clouds that bring electric costs everywhere in the world, inflicting thunder and lightning.This dust descends as rain with heat and moisture. Nitrogen, sulphur and other associated compounds to guide plant and animal kingdoms, to nurture the organisms inside the earth and the oceans.

Regarding the size of the dust as an example, Corona virus is said to be in the range of 120 to one hundred twenty five nanometers. For the laymen to have the hold close of its size is past his imagination. A nanometer is meant to be 1 part of 1,00,000 bits of a meter.

Desire to peer the virus, go to a viral studies laboratory where we get the technician’s assist of an Electron microscope to enlarge our potential of vision thousand fold and in the end see the Corona virus. Not simplest we surprise, but recognize the demanding situations that face humanity to remove those sickness causing retailers.

No acknowledged techniques exist to destroy this virus until now. Frantically, scientists everywhere in the world paintings day in day out, to find out many avenues to make it ineffective and dormant and store the relaxation of the inclined populace.

Multi-pronged assault is mounted, the usage of, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Allopathi,
Chinese, Japanese, African, American Indian, South American, Indian and Russian, some distance east medcial structures together with World Health Organisation.

Invisible forms of fundamental threats require an aresenal of latest equipment to address whatever that can be like plasma coaching, anti-serum and different new novel effective scientific procedure to eradicate these invisible menaces.


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