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blaux portable ac

Blaux Portable AC Reviews

Are you tired seeing the expensive prices of air conditioners or air coolers; fixed in the walls? Then, we are teased with this hot and warm summer. What should we do?

I am here with a mini, personal, portable, and cheap-priced air conditioner. It is not only an air conditioner but also an air cooler, humidifier, and air cleaner. That name is Blaux Portable AC. I have come to know about this mini and portable air conditioner from my friend. She told me about it and told me it’s all characteristics. Her appreciation and praise for this mini air conditioner made me crazy and happy too. And I decided to buy this mini air conditioner.

blaux portable ac

What’s Blaux Portable AC All About?

Generally, Blaux Portable AC is a personal mini air conditioner and/or air cooler. Plus, it helps you to humidifier the air and filter the air. This helps you to enjoy the “natural”, fresh, and cool air.

It is a personal AC so you can keep it near you. You can carry it anywhere you go.

It is a portable AC so you can also carry it from one room to another room.

It is also a humidifier AC so you can filter the air and feel the fresh air.

Who is the Manufacturer of the Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC Inc. is the company and manufacturer, based in Hong Kong. This company is manufacturing these mini and portable ACs for 1 year. And that, this company has gotten fame across the world because of its innovative products.

The company consists of educated staff and experts. If you buy the product so you can ask any question from the customer service provider and they hear you, 24/7.

Is Blaux Portable AC A Scam?

No, it is not…

A product can be called a scam if it doesn’t work. Plus, it can be called a scam if it harms. If we talk about the Blaux Portable AC personal mini air conditioner or air cooler then it works very well. It is a product so how it can harm anyone.

This personal mini air conditioner and air cooler is never a scam. It is a legitimate product in many cases that I can tell you further, below. Below, I can tell you its technical facts too. You can easily understand that how amazingly this personal AC has been manufactured.It is really awesome!

blaux portable ac

Facts About Portable ACs

There are several benefits of the portable and handy air conditioner. The”real” air conditioner that is fixed in the walls is very expensive. Those are out of range for the poor. Those ACs consume lots of electricity too. Then, those ACs are fixed in one room so they cannot be transferred to the second room.

Portable ACs are cheap and in the hands of the poor. These are easily carried from one room to another room. These consume less energy on electricity. Further, these don’t pay you a heavy electricity bill.

That’s why now people are turning into Mini, Portable, Handy, and Small Unit air conditioners such as Blaux Portable AC. This Blaux Portable AC helps you to cool your rooms easily and efficiently. This helps you to change your lifestyle.

Chief Characteristics !

There are many characteristics of this mini and portable air conditioner, air cooler, and humidifier. I can mention some of the main characteristics.

  1. Cheap:

This mini and portable AC has a cheap price. It is cheaper than other portable ACs too. It is also cheaper than fixed ACs in the walls.

  1. Easily Available:

You don’t wonder if you want to buy this mini and your personal AC. Online, you can buy it from the official website and its subsidiaries including us.

  1. Cord-free:

Many mini and portable ACs are operated with a cord. It is hard to enjoy the air of that AC. Blaux Portable AC is a cord-free air conditioner and air cooler.

  1. Convenient:

It is like a convenient product. It is an innovative product too. It helps you to enjoy the fresh and clean air anywhere you sit.

  1. Portable and Handy:

You don’t need to fix it on the wall. It is a handy and portable mini air conditioner. You can carry it to your office. You can carry it to your garden. You can carry it to your several rooms.

blaux portable ac

blaux portable ac

Is Blaux Portable AC Real/Genuine?

It’s all parts are genuine.

I mean, it is the best mini and portable air conditioner and air cooler at this time. It is manufactured with original and genuine parts. Its accessories are genuine. Its charger is original; not artificial or cheap.

There is a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you face any problem so you can return this mini AC. 30 days are enough to check a product. You have the full time to check this original and/or genuine mini AC.

Is Blaux Portable AC An Ultimate Solution?

This personal mini air conditioner can be an ultimate solution to your hot summer if you use it nicely.

Close your doors, shut your windows, drop down your curtains, and press the ON button of the Blaux Portable AC. This helps you to cool the room. This helps you to filter the air. It helps you to feel the fresh air. Now, this helps you to alleviate the hotness and warmness.

Does Blaux Portable AC Really Work?

Actually, the Blaux Portable AC works very well. If you know how to use this mini AC efficiently then it eases your life. It eases not only your life but also lifestyle.

The mini, portable, effective, convenient Blaux Portable AC helps you to cool your room. Cool your one room, the second room, and the third room. You can also enjoy the cool breeze of this mini AC in your garden or playground. Mean to say that this portable mini AC works very well. That’s why it is being liked and used by many people across the world.

blaux portable ac

10 Benefits of Portable &Mini Blaux Portable AC

  1. Cord-free:

It is a cord-free mini air conditioner and air cooler that means it doesn’t have any cord. Press the button easily and your personal starts.

  1. Rapid cooling in 30 seconds:

The manufacturer claims true that this mini air conditioner helps you to cool your room in just 30 seconds. No disturbances in the hottest summer!

  1. No boundaries:

There are no boundaries. You can carry this mini and portable air conditioner anywhere. This makes your life ease.

  1. Small:

It is the smallest unit of an air conditioner. It is manufactured under the experts so the size is good.

  1. Personal:

Did you know why it is called a personal AC? The fact is it is a personal air conditioner as it helps you to keep it near you. It starts to ease your life when you turn on the button.

  1. Best alternative:

It is the best alternative to the “fixed” air conditioner (AC) in the wall. This mini is not fixed in the walls so it helps you to enjoy the fresh air anywhere you sit.

  1. Dust-free air:

This mini air conditioner and air cooler is also a humidifier so it helps you to filter the air easily. This helps you to get the “natural” air.

  1. Easy to use:

It is so easy to use this portable mini air conditioner as your kid can operate it. Your guest can operate it and enjoy it.

  1. Convenient:

It is the best convenient air conditioner, air cooler, and humidifier. That’s why people call it convenient.

  1. USB cable charging:

It takes less watt energy or electricity. On the other hand, it is charged via a USB cable charger.

blaux portable ac


  • The official website contains very short detail about this portable AC.
  • It is sold online, only and it is not available in markets, at this time.

Blaux Portable AC Technical Facts

There are several good technical facts of the Blaux Portable AC. I can tell you some of those so that you could appreciate the manufacturer of the company.

  • No Noise:

This mini, portable, and personal AC has no noise. It doesn’t disturb you if you are reading books and writing something.

  • Electricity Watt:

It consumes less watt (only 1 watt) of the electricity. So, it doesn’t create a problem for you.

  • Charging:

It comes with a USB cable charger. So, it is charged via a USB cable as we charge our cell phones that take less energy.

  • Ribbon:

It contains a strong ribbon to lift it. This makes you happy as you can carry it easily with a ribbon.

  • Machinery:

If you get any technical problem in this mini air conditioner then you can easily repair it. All accessories are available in the markets, easily.

blaux portable ac

Is Blaux Portable AC Repairable?

Maybe you don’t get the points about this heading. I mean, now one has told you yet that is this AC repairable or not?

The fact is Blaux Portable AC is the best mini, portable, handy, and humidifier AC of this time. First of all, this AC is “strong” which means it doesn’t tease you. You don’t find it as trash. If your personal AC gets any problem then you can easily repair it. It’s all accessories are available in the markets. Plus, you can also call the customer service to provide and ask any relevant questions. They can guide you on how to repair your personal AC.

Blaux Portable AC VS Other Portable ACs

Now, there are many portable ACs are available in the markets including online markets.

Why have I tried the Blaux Portable AC?

The fact is I had known lots of good facts including technical facts about this mini, portable, and personal AC. And I have come to know that Blaux Portable AC is better than all others available in the markets.

It is cheap, effective,and safe, and that, it consumes less energy. It helps you to cool your room(s) in just 30 SECONDS – it’s awesome! It is also available easily in the online markets, only.

Customers’ Reviews – Testimonials!

Sienna remarks:-

“If one is worried about this hot summer then one should buy the Blaux Portable AC. I have bought this personal air cooler for me and it is helping me to alleviate the hotness of my room”.

Elliana remarks:-

“Do you want to escape from the clutches of this hot summer? If yes, then bring the Blaux Portable AC that helps you to cool your rooms. It always helps me to cool my rooms in a few seconds, easily and smoothly”.

blaux portable ac

Is It  A Legit Deal !

In the end, you can understand easily that Blaux Portable AC is 100% a legit deal. It is a legit deal for all of us. It helps all of us people to cool our rooms in just a few seconds in the hot summer.

It helps all of us people to carry it where we want. It helps us to get rid of the hot summer. It helps us to get rid of the hottest June. It helps us to make our lives, ease, happy and changed. Have it always at your home!

Blaux Portable AC Where to Buy ?

It is easily available at an affordable price. It doesn’t cost much.

Click the link, available on this website. Clicking the link helps you to buy it from officials. One product price is $89.99. If you want to buy three ACs then you can get in just $202.48 with free shipping.

My Final Comments on Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC can change your life and lifestyle. I mean if you want to buy a personal air conditioner then trying a portable air conditioner like Blaux Portable AC can change your life.

This mini, portable, handy, and effective AC that helps you to enjoy the summer. It helps you to cool your room in just 30 seconds. It helps you to humidifier your rooms. It helps you to filter the rooms from dust particles.

You can easily carry it anywhere you go. You can carry it to your office if you are a job holder. You can carry it into your garden while you are reading books or newspapers. Now, Blaux Portable AC is your favorite, personal, mini, and portable AC!


blaux portable ac

blaux portable ac

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