Complete Overview of Hepatitis B and How to Treat It

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, which belongs to the lentivirus own family.

This retrovirus has RNA as genetic cloth. It transcribes DNA, that is a complimentary reproduction of RNA whilst it enters into the cell. New copies of RNA are produced by means of the DNA, that’s used as a template.

HIV attacks the immune gadget of an man or woman. It destroys the cells which might be involved in combating towards any infection and disorder.

According to the World Health Organization, HIV is one of the essential worldwide public health problems. According to the survey executed in 2019, 38 million humans (36.2 million-adults, 1.8 million-children) worldwide were infected with the aid of HIV. Day by means of day, new infections of HIV are getting reduced however at a sluggish rate. According to the survey, it comes to mild that forty% of the cases had been reduced across the world.

HIV can spread with the aid of the following:

1) When coming in contact with someone with HIV for the duration of unprotected intercourse, transfer of blood, semen, and so on.

2) When the use of the equal needle used someone with HIV.

3) During being pregnant, while the mom is sporting HIV, the toddler’s probabilities to emerge as infected with the virus are very excessive.

This virus reasons a chronic and sexually-transmitted sickness, AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), which is very deadly. It isn’t always a congenital disorder. AIDS is taken into consideration because the very last stage of the HIV contamination. There are no therapies that have been located till now. Hence, AIDS sufferers are destined to die (inside 6-10 years). So, inside the case of AIDS, scientists suggest prevention best, and it’s been rightly said that prevention is higher than a treatment while there may be no treatment.

The global got the first case of AIDS in 1981, and within the ultimate 25 years or so, it has killed more than 25 million people internationally. In India, the primary case of AIDS became mentioned in 1986 in Chennai.

AIDS is known as a retroviral disease.

The mobile-mediated immune machine is affected by this ailment. The discount of the CD4 cellular of T lymphocytes, that is answerable for the production of cytokines, chemotactic factors, macrophages, and different cells involved within the body’s immunity, has been found on this disorder.

AIDS can be transmitted thru the trade of blood, semen, vaginal secretion, and so forth. By someone who has AIDS, from mom to fetus with the aid of the placenta, from mom to toddler thru colostrum at some stage in breastfeeding, thru unprotected sex with an inflamed person, and by sharing needles with the inflamed man or woman.

Many misconceptions circulate in society approximately AIDS, which typically ruin the affected person’s social existence. It spreads through touching, shaking palms, coughing, sneezing, searching after someone inflamed by way of AIDS, mosquito bites, hugging, sharing food, and kissing.

The true signs are bouts of fever, weight reduction, diarrhea, more than one opportunistic infections (different viral, bacterial, fungal), swollen lymph nodes, neurological complications, and many others.

AIDS may be investigated via the ELISA test (Enzyme-connected immunosorbent assay). In this check, we use the peroxidase enzyme and alkaline phosphatase enzyme. This test is a completely brief AIDS diagnostic approach. Therefore, it is commonly used round the arena.


Don’t lose your lifestyles; stay far from HIV. This is said because there’s no treatment yet located. Treatments can extend the life of a person who has AIDS, however can’t treatment them. So, prevention is the excellent and simplest option.


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