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Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a sort of virus that dangerously assaults the frame’s immune gadget. If HIV does now not get any right remedy, it could also lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS, which currently has no treatment. If anybody is infected with HIV, then that individual will bring the sickness for his entire life. With correct medical care, you will maintain the effects of HIV underneath manage.

Symptoms of HIV

HIV infection occurs in three proper levels. If not treated well, the circumstance will become worse and can be lifestyles-threatening.

First Stage

In the start, the inflamed humans do no longer even recognize they have an endemic of their body. The symptoms start to arise after 3 to 5 weeks of the virus entering the body. This is the time while the body’s immune device attempts to fight in opposition to HIV. This circumstance is known as number one HIV infection or acute retroviral syndrome. The symptoms are very similar to a viral contamination and can be as compared to the regular flu. These signs and symptoms generally final for one or weeks. The signs and symptoms are as follows:

Aching muscular tissues
Swelling of lymph nodes
Sore throat
Red rashes at the torso that don’t itch
If someone has these signs and symptoms, they ought to immediately go to a physician and get an HIV check as quickly as possible. If you forget about those signs and are tormented by HIV, then the outcomes can be risky. Testing is crucial because, inside the starting, the HIV content material in the blood and bodily fluids are very high, so it’s far a lot more contagious. Starting early treatment can help to reinforce the immune machine and additionally ease the signs.
Second Stage

After the combat, while the immune system does not win, the signs and symptoms robotically leave, however this isn’t the signal of improvement; the damage remains being performed. This duration is known as continual HIV infection or asymptomatic period. In this degree, HIV slowly kills the CD4T cells that coordinate the immune machine. As extra CD4T cells are killed, the immune machine turns into weak, and slowly, the infected person crumbles down.

Third Stage

The 0.33 degree is the level in which AIDS will hit tough. This is while the count of CD4T falls beneath two hundred; your immune machine is likewise vastly damaged. You can become sick regularly and face many health problems frequently, like Kaposi’s sarcoma and pneumonia. Some of the maximum not unusual HIV symptoms are as follows:

Regular fatigue
Swelling of lymph nodes
Fever for many days
Huge weight reduction
Night sweats
Skin can have red spots
Breathing problems
Severe and running diarrhea
Unexplained bleeding or bruises
Yeast infections in vagina, throat, and mouth


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