Myths Vs Facts

As more and more lies maintain getting exposed concerning the reaction to COVID-19 by way of the American Government, it will become in reality crystal clean how people occupying offices of electricity & affect have tactically risked hundreds of thousands of lives to advantage petty political mileage, jeopardizing no longer simply the concept of management however additionally the setting democracy at chance. Using top leadership mouthpieces, the reality has been again and again tactically misconstrued to inspire unsuspecting innocents to undermine COVID-19 and thereby forget about their personal nicely-being. Now because the skeletons preserve tumbling out of the closet, and bodies are buried by way of the millions, people of America have realized what a grave turmoil they have unknowingly created.

As if the pandemic in itself became now not scary enough, the use of this type of critical issue to benefit political mileage and preserve the country at ransom is the final tipping factor. In the race to usurp uncontested strength, not only of millions of innocent lives been sacrificed but the actual heroes of this tragedy, the protection of healthcare people and primary line reaction group were duly compromised and their brave efforts have no longer been given the due reputation it warranted. If this kind of ghastly example is still the norm of the day, it’s going to no longer be long till hell breaks free and people lose all faith in goodness and humanity leading to the full fall apart of civillized society.

Hence, with the planned purpose to bust myths and disclose lies, we’ve determined to give you a brand new segment, COVID-19 Myths Vs Facts, wherein we discuss a raging Myth approximately COVID-19 this is doing the rounds of social media and dissect it for its authenticity earlier than sooner or later presenting the unadulterated facts to you.

Myth: Exposing yourself to direct sun rays or sunlight can assist wreck COVID 19 germs


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